Quote for move home

Are you considering moving back to Ireland?  You may have accumlated a variety of household goods and personal effects since you left  and you may be apprehensive about moving everything back.  Don't be.  While you can obtain moving quotes in your origin city, we would be delighted if you were to consider a full door to door quote from us too.  We cover the whole country from our base in Dublin and we can assure you that there will be no hidden costs involved (something to be very careful of when comparing our quote with your local mover).  All returning expats should email tom@aim-moving.com for further information.

Transport insurance

Optional, but highly recommended, transport insurance is available for all moves that we carry out.  We will supply the insurance information and costs at the same time as our moving quote and the insurance will start immediately upon the arrival of our agent's crew in your home overseas, and will only cease when our delivery crew leaves your Irish home once the move has been completed.  In the event of an insurance claim, by working with us, the claim will be handled on this side of your move as opposed to you having to deal with a mover at the origin side, and their insurance company.

Customs clearance

All moves into Ireland that originate from outside of the EU will need to undergo customs clearance.  For a VAT and duty free entry you will need to prove to customs that your goods have been owned and used outside of Ireland for at least one year prior to your import date.  Right from the outset we will guide you on the forms that you need to complete for customs as well as the back up documentation that they will need.  Please contact tom@aim-moving.com for further information.